Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny side up egg

Sunny side up egg in Bear Shape from M Kitchen

Monday, May 24, 2010

Momiji Sushi

I found Momiji Japanese Restaurant on my Iphone Yelp application.   The reviews were very good, so we decided to give a try.

Food: Very good, the sashimis were very fresh. 
Service: Ok
Atmosphere: Relaxed
Decor:  Japanese Sushi Bar Style
Overall: Will definitely go again
Price: $25 to $50 per person

Location: Bloor and Royal York

 Spicy Hamachi Maki Roll - $6.95 and Spicy Scallop Maki Roll - $6.75


 Spider Dragon Roll - $13.95


  Sashimi Romance - $24.95

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stir-fried beef with avocado

Stir-fried beef with avocado from M Kitchen

Ajisen Ramen Noodles

We had craving for Ramen noodles last week...

Ramen is a Japanese cultural icon, if you plan to visit Japan, you must try the ramen noodles and it varies by regions.  The key ingredients are the noodles and the broth.  My favourite is the cloudy white coloured broth, which is made from boiling pork bones and collagen over high heat for many hours...yummy yummy.

We tried the Ajisen Ramen on Yonge St.  Ajisen is one of the popular Ramen noodle houses in Toronto, it has over 300 stores worldwide.

Food: Will go back

Service: Good

Atmosphere: Casual Family Style

Price: $10 to $15 per person

Overall: Good choice to grab a quick bite, but can't compare to the Ramen Noodles in New York and Tokyo.




Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruth Chris

My good friend was visiting Toronto, so we took him to the famous Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

It was my first experience with Ruth Chris.  Overall I was satisfied with the food but not the service.  We ordered a bottle of '05 red from France, but the waiter brought us a '07 from the same Winery.  The waiter didn't bother to let us know and only later we found out and questioned him why the wine is not the bottle we ordered.  He simply told us that is all they can get from LCBO without apologizing.

I think Ruth Chris can work on the food presentations. The steaks were plated on a white plate, not what I expected from an expensive steak house.  I guess people go there to enjoy the good steak, but for $50/steak, I expect a little more on the plate decoration.

Food: Must Try.

Service: It was unacceptable, but I am sure it won't happen to everyone.

Atmosphere: Warm fine dinning

Overall: will go again, but will ask for a different server.

Price: $100 +/person

Food was excellent but the pictures didn't turn out good due to the lighting.



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sushi Kaji

Sushi Kaji is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Etobicoke.  Authentic Japanese cuisine in the most unexpected location. 

Food: Must Try
Service: Professional
Atmosphere: Relaxed
Decor: Traditional Japanese
Overall: Will definitely go again

Price $80 to 120 set course menu (Omakase). 

Omakase is like the "tasting menu", where the chef creates the menu based on the fresh seasonal ingredients and what inspired him in the moment.  The reason why I like Kaji, because the chef continues to surprise me with new dishes.

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque from M Kitchen

Baby Back Ribs

Honey Roasted Baby Ribs from M Kitchen


BBQ Sauce
Dijon Mustard

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lai Wah Heen

My manager once told me, Lai Wah Heen is the best Chinese Restaurant in Toronto.

I took his words for it and now it became one of my favourite Chinese Restaurants.

Food: Exceptional, I love Chinese Food.
Service: Good
Atmosphere: Traditional and Elegant
Price: $100 to $150/person
Overall:  Great food for special occasion
Dinner Time :)

Premium-grade shark’s fin braised in a double strength stock - Chinese Delicacies~

Truffle & lobster escalopes on crispy egg noodles flavored with truffle scented oil - I love the truffle taste on the

Wok-baked Dungeness crab with salted duck egg yolk - YUMMY!!!

Stir-fried sea cucumber clams with shimiji mushrooms on a bed of vegetables (top left)

Wok-fried roulade of fresh bass, with chives & vinegar dressing (top right)

My all time favourite Chinese sweet soup...