Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ajisen Ramen Noodles

We had craving for Ramen noodles last week...

Ramen is a Japanese cultural icon, if you plan to visit Japan, you must try the ramen noodles and it varies by regions.  The key ingredients are the noodles and the broth.  My favourite is the cloudy white coloured broth, which is made from boiling pork bones and collagen over high heat for many hours...yummy yummy.

We tried the Ajisen Ramen on Yonge St.  Ajisen is one of the popular Ramen noodle houses in Toronto, it has over 300 stores worldwide.

Food: Will go back

Service: Good

Atmosphere: Casual Family Style

Price: $10 to $15 per person

Overall: Good choice to grab a quick bite, but can't compare to the Ramen Noodles in New York and Tokyo.

Website: http://www.ajisen.ca/



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