Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruth Chris

My good friend was visiting Toronto, so we took him to the famous Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

It was my first experience with Ruth Chris.  Overall I was satisfied with the food but not the service.  We ordered a bottle of '05 red from France, but the waiter brought us a '07 from the same Winery.  The waiter didn't bother to let us know and only later we found out and questioned him why the wine is not the bottle we ordered.  He simply told us that is all they can get from LCBO without apologizing.

I think Ruth Chris can work on the food presentations. The steaks were plated on a white plate, not what I expected from an expensive steak house.  I guess people go there to enjoy the good steak, but for $50/steak, I expect a little more on the plate decoration.

Food: Must Try.

Service: It was unacceptable, but I am sure it won't happen to everyone.

Atmosphere: Warm fine dinning

Overall: will go again, but will ask for a different server.

Price: $100 +/person

Food was excellent but the pictures didn't turn out good due to the lighting.



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