Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lai Wah Heen

My manager once told me, Lai Wah Heen is the best Chinese Restaurant in Toronto.

I took his words for it and now it became one of my favourite Chinese Restaurants.

Food: Exceptional, I love Chinese Food.
Service: Good
Atmosphere: Traditional and Elegant
Price: $100 to $150/person
Overall:  Great food for special occasion
Dinner Time :)

Premium-grade shark’s fin braised in a double strength stock - Chinese Delicacies~

Truffle & lobster escalopes on crispy egg noodles flavored with truffle scented oil - I love the truffle taste on the

Wok-baked Dungeness crab with salted duck egg yolk - YUMMY!!!

Stir-fried sea cucumber clams with shimiji mushrooms on a bed of vegetables (top left)

Wok-fried roulade of fresh bass, with chives & vinegar dressing (top right)

My all time favourite Chinese sweet soup...

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